Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

Our People make us what we are. We will strive to continuously provide our people with an environment that is professional, where they could grow personally and professionally, along with the organisation.

Dignity We believe that it is in treating each other and our customers with dignity, i.e. with trust and respect, that we as an organisation, in turn would be treated with dignity.

Openness and Transparency We are open and transparent in our dealings with and treatment of our employees and customers. We believe that long term relationships are built and nurtured, in being open and transparent in our actions and dealings.

Informal We are informal, yet disciplined. We do not let formality come in the way of listening to and in the treatment of issues concerning our employees or our customers, at any time. However we are disciplined in that we do things on the basis of a logic or philosophy and not in an adhoc manner.

Integrity In all our actions as a Group and as individuals representing this Group, we would be governed by integrity. Integrity both financially and professionally. Truth and honesty would guide each and every action of ours – between ourselves, our customers and all our stakeholders.

Commitment We would exhibit commitment in whatever we do – to the institution that we represent, our customers and our employees.

Entrepreneurship Each and every one of us takes ownership of what we do and ensure our commitment to the institution, by leaving behind something better than what was handed over to us.

One Family In all that we do, we would act as “One Family”, with teamwork and loyalty to the institution, defining and differentiating us in the market place.

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